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Matt Glazed Porcelain Tile Frost Resistance Yes Affordable For Floor Wall
  • Matt Glazed Porcelain Tile Frost Resistance Yes Affordable For Floor Wall
  • Matt Glazed Porcelain Tile Frost Resistance Yes Affordable For Floor Wall
  • Matt Glazed Porcelain Tile Frost Resistance Yes Affordable For Floor Wall

Matt Glazed Porcelain Tile Frost Resistance Yes Affordable For Floor Wall

Place of Origin FOSHAN China
Brand Name BOLI
Certification CE Certification , 3C Certification , ISO Certification ,GMC Certificate Of Registration ,Inspection Report
Model Number J28005 J28006 J28007
Product Details
Frost Resistance:
Water Absorption:
PEI Rating:
High Light: 

Wall Glazed Porcelain Tile


Frost Resistance Glazed Porcelain Tile

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
If The Goods In Stocks Then After Received Confirm Payment 7 Days , If Need Arrange Produce , Then Need To Received Confirm Deposit 25 Days .
Payment Terms
Irreverable L/C At Sight , T/T
Supply Ability
Boli Ceramics
Product Description

Product Description:

The beauty and durability of porcelain tiles are unmatched, and our Glazed Porcelain Tile is no exception. This premium tile selection is the epitome of both elegance and practicality, designed to meet the high demands of both residential and commercial usage. With its sophisticated matt surface treatment, it exemplifies contemporary style while offering a cement look that blends seamlessly with various design aesthetics. Whether you are renovating your home or designing a commercial space, this tile is guaranteed to enhance your project with its understated charm and robust performance.

Our Glazed Porcelain Tile is not just about good looks; it boasts a low water absorption rate of just 0.05%. This remarkably low rate ensures that the tile is virtually impervious to water damage, making it an excellent choice for areas that are exposed to moisture such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Moreover, its high PEI rating of 4 indicates that it can withstand moderate to heavy foot traffic. This makes it a versatile choice for both residential homes that require durability for daily activities and commercial spaces that experience a constant flow of people.

One of the most significant features of this Glazed Porcelain Tile is its frost resistance. This quality makes it suitable not only for interior applications but also for exterior use in climates that experience freezing temperatures. The frost-resistant nature of the tile means that it won't crack or become damaged when exposed to cold and icy conditions, thereby maintaining its integrity and appearance year after year. This resilience makes it an ideal choice for outdoor patios, walkways, and other areas that require robust materials to withstand the elements.

For those who appreciate the warmth and traditional appearance of ceramic tiles, our Glazed Porcelain Tile provides a ceramic rustic tile look that is perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The matt finish offers a tactile experience that is both pleasant to the touch and slip-resistant, contributing to a safer environment in both homes and businesses. The rustic charm of the tile, combined with modern manufacturing techniques, ensures that each piece is both beautiful and built to last.

The installation of these Ceramic Glazed Floor Tiles is a straightforward process for professionals, thanks to their consistent sizing and quality. Their ease of maintenance is another benefit, as they can be cleaned with standard tile cleaning products without risking damage to the surface. This low-maintenance aspect is particularly appealing to those looking for a hassle-free flooring solution that doesn't compromise on style or quality.

In summary, the Glazed Porcelain Tile is a superior flooring choice that encapsulates the aesthetics of a Cement Look Porcelain Tile with the durability and functionality required for today's living and working environments. Its exquisite matt finish, combined with its ability to resist water, frost, and wear, makes it a versatile option for anyone looking to invest in a flooring solution that is as long-lasting as it is beautiful. Whether you are embarking on a residential renovation or a commercial construction, this tile is sure to exceed your expectations and provide a foundation of quality and style for years to come.



  • Product Name: Glazed Porcelain Tile
  • Application: Floor/Wall
  • Finish: Glazed
  • Material: Polished/Matt
  • Water Absorption: 0.05%
  • Edge: Rectified
  • Keywords: Dark Porcelain Tile
  • Keywords: Glazed Ceramic Tile
  • Keywords: Glazed Tile Forming Machine

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Detail
Finish Glazed
Size 1200*2800mm (24x36 Porcelain Tile)
Material Polished/Matt (Ceramic Wood Tile)
Thickness 6mm
Warranty 5 Years
Usage Residential/Commercial
Color Grey
Edge Rectified
Application Floor/Wall
Frost Resistance Yes


The Glazed Porcelain Tile from BOLI, a renowned brand originating from FOSHAN, China, is an embodiment of elegance and durability in the Ceramic Tile Market. Certified with CE, 3C, ISO, and GMC, along with an Inspection Report, these tiles assure top-notch quality and adherence to international standards. With a minimum order quantity of 1000㎡ and a negotiable price point, BOLI Glazed Porcelain Tiles are an excellent choice for both large and small scale projects.

These tiles come conveniently packaged, with each tile enclosed in its carton (1PCS/CTN), ensuring safe delivery to your doorstep. The delivery time is prompt and efficient: if the tiles are in stock, they can be dispatched within 7 days after payment confirmation. In cases where production is required, a 25-day lead time is necessary post the receipt of the deposit. BOLI Ceramics maintains an impressive supply ability, backed by flexible payment terms, including Irreverable L/C at Sight and T/T, catering to various customer preferences.

BOLI's Glazed Porcelain Tile comes in a pristine white color, perfect for a multitude of decorative schemes. The warranty for these tiles extends up to 5 years, highlighting the brand's confidence in its product's longevity and quality. Suitable for both floor and wall applications, these tiles exhibit a lustrous glazed finish that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Whether it's a residential or commercial area, these tiles can effortlessly uplift the ambiance with their aesthetic appeal.

In addition to their visual allure, these tiles are also practical, boasting frost resistance which makes them ideal for use in a variety of climatic conditions. Whether it's a high-traffic commercial foyer or a residential kitchen, BOLI's Glazed Porcelain Tiles stand up to the challenge, making them a versatile option in the Decorative Ceramic Tile category. The application occasions and scenarios for these tiles are vast, including, but not limited to, shopping malls, hotels, residential homes, and public institutions, where both functionality and design are paramount.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging for Glazed Porcelain Tile:

All Glazed Porcelain Tiles are carefully packaged to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Each tile is separated by protective cushioning to prevent scratches during transportation. Tiles are then boxed and secured with heavy-duty corner protectors. The exterior of each box is clearly labeled with the product information, including size, color, and quantity.

Shipping Information for Glazed Porcelain Tile:

Our Glazed Porcelain Tiles are shipped using trusted freight carriers to ensure safe and timely delivery. The weight and size of your order will determine the shipping method. All orders are palletized and shrink-wrapped to maintain integrity throughout the shipping process. Tracking information will be provided upon dispatch so you can monitor your shipment's progress. Please inspect all packages upon delivery and report any damage immediately to the carrier and our customer service team.



Q: What certifications do BOLI glazed porcelain tiles have?

A: BOLI glazed porcelain tiles come with multiple certifications, including CE Certification, 3C Certification, ISO Certification, GMC Certificate of Registration, and an Inspection Report, ensuring they meet high-quality standards.

Q: Can I place a small order for BOLI glazed porcelain tiles, or is there a minimum quantity?

A: The minimum order quantity for our BOLI glazed porcelain tiles is 1000㎡ to ensure optimal logistics and cost-efficiency.

Q: How are BOLI glazed porcelain tiles packaged?

A: Our tiles are carefully packaged with 1 piece per carton (1PCS/CTN) to ensure they reach you in perfect condition.

Q: What is the delivery time for BOLI glazed porcelain tiles?

A: If the tiles are in stock, we can dispatch them within 7 days after confirming your payment. For orders that need to be produced, the delivery time is approximately 25 days after receiving the confirmed deposit.

Q: What are the payment terms for purchasing BOLI glazed porcelain tiles?

A: We accept Irrevocable L/C at Sight and T/T as payment methods for our glazed porcelain tiles.

Q: What is the supply ability of BOLI Ceramics for glazed porcelain tiles?

A: BOLI Ceramics has a robust supply capability. However, for specific quantities and timelines, it is recommended to contact us directly for more detailed information.

Q: Where are BOLI glazed porcelain tiles manufactured?

A: BOLI glazed porcelain tiles are manufactured in FOSHAN, China, known for its high-quality ceramic and porcelain tile production.

Q: Is the price of BOLI glazed porcelain tiles fixed?

A: The price for our glazed porcelain tiles is negotiable. We encourage you to contact us for a quote and to discuss potential discounts for large orders.Matt Glazed Porcelain Tile Frost Resistance Yes Affordable For Floor Wall 0Matt Glazed Porcelain Tile Frost Resistance Yes Affordable For Floor Wall 1

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