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Water Absorption 0.05% Glazed Porcelain Tile For Residential/Commercial Installations
  • Water Absorption 0.05% Glazed Porcelain Tile For Residential/Commercial Installations
  • Water Absorption 0.05% Glazed Porcelain Tile For Residential/Commercial Installations

Water Absorption 0.05% Glazed Porcelain Tile For Residential/Commercial Installations

Place of Origin FOSHAN China
Brand Name BOLI
Certification CE Certification , 3C Certification , ISO Certification ,GMC Certificate Of Registration ,Inspection Report
Model Number S28113 S28115
Product Details
Water Absorption:
Surface Treatment:
High Light: 

Commercial Installations Glazed Porcelain Tile


Water Absorption 0.05% Glazed Porcelain Tile

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
If The Goods In Stocks Then After Received Confirm Payment 7 Days , If Need Arrange Produce , Then Need To Received Confirm Deposit 25 Days .
Payment Terms
Irreverable L/C At Sight , T/T
Supply Ability
Boli Ceramics
Product Description

Product Description:

Discover the epitome of elegance and durability with our premium Glazed Porcelain Tile, a masterpiece in the realm of flooring and wall solutions. Meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and aesthetics, this tile represents the pinnacle of modern design and functionality. The serene white color of the tile provides a canvas of purity and sophistication, making it an ideal choice for an array of decorative styles and settings. Whether you're embarking on a brand new construction project or revamping an existing space, our Glazed Porcelain Tile is the definitive choice for a sleek, contemporary look.

With a sleek thickness of just 6mm, these Ceramic Glazed Floor Tiles offer a slim profile without compromising on strength. This delicate balance of thinness and durability is achieved through advanced manufacturing techniques, ensuring that each tile is both lightweight and robust. The slender design allows for streamlined installation and is particularly well-suited for environments where space is at a premium, or where weight limitations are a consideration. Despite their thin construction, these tiles can withstand the rigors of heavy foot traffic, thanks to their impressive PEI Rating of 4. This rating indicates that they are able to endure moderate to heavy wear, making them suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

One of the most versatile aspects of these Glazed Porcelain Tiles is their dual application. Designed for use on both floors and walls, these tiles offer unparalleled design flexibility. Their versatility extends to a variety of settings, from the intimate atmosphere of a private home to the bustling ambiance of a public space. Whether you're lining the walls of a sophisticated foyer or laying the foundation of a bustling kitchen, these tiles adapt beautifully to both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

At the heart of these Ceramic Glazed Floor Tiles' allure is the choice between a polished or matt finish. The polished variant exudes a radiant shine that captures and reflects light, infusing spaces with a luminous glow. This finish is ideal for those who wish to enhance the brightness of a room or create an illusion of expanded space. On the other hand, the matt finish offers a more subdued and natural look, perfect for settings that require a touch of understated elegance. Regardless of your preference, both finishes are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that the pristine white color remains untarnished over time.

When it comes to material quality, our Glazed Porcelain Tile stands second to none. The tile's body is composed of high-density porcelain, renowned for its hardness and impermeability. This material choice not only contributes to the tile's structural integrity but also its resistance to moisture and staining. As a result, these tiles are an ideal option for areas prone to spills and splashes, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Furthermore, their glazed surface adds an additional layer of protection, making them even more resilient against the challenges of daily use.

The Decorative Ceramic Tile aspect of our product cannot be overstated. The pristine white color serves as a backdrop for countless creative possibilities. It can be paired with bold accent colors for a dramatic effect or with soft, muted tones for a more tranquil atmosphere. The tile's surface is a canvas awaiting your personal touch, whether you opt for a traditional, minimalist, or avant-garde approach to interior design. Moreover, the simplicity of white allows for seamless integration with various textures and patterns, enabling you to craft a space that truly reflects your unique vision and style.

In conclusion, our Glazed Porcelain Tile is a harmonious blend of form and function, designed to cater to the discerning tastes and practical needs of today's consumers. With its white color, 6mm thickness, dual floor and wall application, PEI Rating of 4, and choice of polished or matt finishes, this tile is a testament to the sophistication and innovation that characterize our range of Ceramic Glazed Floor Tiles. Embrace the transformative power of these Decorative Ceramic Tiles and let your space shine with timeless grace and enduring strength.



  • Product Name: Glazed Porcelain Tile
  • Size: 1200*2800mm (24x48 Porcelain Tile)
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Edge: Rectified
  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Material: Polished/Matt
  • Type: Ceramic Wall Tile
  • Finish: Glazed Ceramic Tile

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Specification
Water Absorption 0.05%
Color Black Grey
Surface Treatment Matt
Application Floor/Wall
Thickness 6mm
Finish Glazed
Frost Resistance Yes
Usage Residential/Commercial
Edge Rectified
PEI Rating 4


The BOLI Glazed Porcelain Tile , originating from the acclaimed ceramic city of FOSHAN, China , is an exquisite choice for an array of applications, made accessible through its versatile design and superior quality. These tiles are not only aesthetically pleasing but also come with the assurance of CE Certification, 3C Certification, ISO Certification, GMC Certificate Of Registration, and an Inspection Report to guarantee their excellence.

With a Minimum Order Quantity of 1000㎡, these tiles accommodate significant projects, ensuring consistency and uniformity across large spaces. The Price of BOLI Glazed Porcelain Tile is Negotiable , making it a cost-effective option for both commercial and residential projects. They are packaged thoughtfully, with 1PCS/CTN , to ensure safe and secure delivery to the site.

Speaking of delivery, the Delivery Time is prompt and efficient. If the tiles are in stock, they can be dispatched within 7 days after payment confirmation. For custom orders requiring production, a timeframe of 25 days post deposit confirmation is needed. Flexible Payment Terms such as Irrevocable L/C at Sight and T/T are accepted. With Boli Ceramics' commendable Supply Ability , clients are assured of timely and reliable provision of tiles.

The Rectified Edge of the BOLI Glazed Porcelain Tile ensures a sleek finish, allowing for minimal grout lines and a more seamless, sophisticated look. These tiles, suitable for both Floor and Wall applications, are finished with a Glazed coat, offering a reflective sheen that can open up spaces and bring a touch of elegance to any room. The Surface Treatment is Matt , providing a contemporary look while also being practical in reducing slipperiness.

BOLI tiles are crafted using advanced Glazed Tile Forming Machines , ensuring precision and consistency in every piece. The PEI Rating of 4 denotes durability, withstanding the wear and tear of high-traffic areas, making it an ideal choice for Indoor Porcelain Tiles in commercial establishments or bustling homes. Moreover, the trending Carpet Look Porcelain Tile design gives the impression of a luxurious woven carpet with the robustness of porcelain, perfect for creating statement floors that demand minimal maintenance.

Whether it's for a high-end retail space, a cozy living room, or a bustling restaurant, the BOLI Glazed Porcelain Tile can transform any environment. It exudes sophistication while offering functional benefits such as ease of cleaning, resistance to stains, and durability. It is an ideal choice for those who seek the elegance of traditional carpeting with the practicality and endurance of porcelain tiles. BOLI's commitment to quality and design shines through in every aspect of these tiles, making them a premier selection for discerning clients and designers alike.



Brand Name: BOLI

Place of Origin: FOSHAN China

Certification: CE Certification, 3C Certification, ISO Certification, GMC Certificate Of Registration, Inspection Report

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000㎡

Price: Negotiable

Packaging Details: 1PCS/CTN

Delivery Time: If the goods are in stocks, then after received confirm payment 7 days. If need arrange produce, then need to received confirm deposit 25 days.

Payment Terms: Irreversible L/C at Sight, T/T

Supply Ability: Boli Ceramics

Color: White

Usage: Residential/Commercial

PEI Rating: 4

Thickness: 6mm

Edge: Rectified

Discover our exquisite 24x36 Porcelain Tile by BOLI, a leader in the Ceramic Tile Market. Our Carpet Look Porcelain Tile is perfect for both Residential and Commercial use, offering a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic. Embrace the beauty and durability of BOLI's Glazed Porcelain Tile.


Packing and Shipping:

The Glazed Porcelain Tiles are meticulously packaged to ensure their safe delivery to your doorstep. Each tile is separated by protective cushioning to prevent scratches and damage during transit. The tiles are then securely placed in a heavy-duty cardboard box, specifically designed to hold weight and prevent movement that could compromise the integrity of the tiles. For additional security, the box is sealed with industrial-strength tape and clearly labeled with "Fragile" to ensure careful handling. Every package is accompanied by a detailed packing list for easy inventory management upon receipt.

Our shipping process is optimized for efficiency and reliability. We partner with trusted carriers to offer a range of shipping options, from standard ground to expedited services, accommodating various timelines and budgets. Tracking information is provided for every shipment, allowing you to monitor your order's progress and plan for its arrival. Our goal is to deliver your Glazed Porcelain Tiles in perfect condition, ready for installation in your space.



Q: What certifications do BOLI Glazed Porcelain Tiles have?

A: BOLI Glazed Porcelain Tiles are certified with CE Certification, 3C Certification, ISO Certification, GMC Certificate Of Registration, and also come with an Inspection Report, ensuring high standards of quality and safety.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity for BOLI Glazed Porcelain Tiles?

A: The minimum order quantity for our Glazed Porcelain Tiles is 1000 square meters.

Q: What is the origin of BOLI Glazed Porcelain Tiles?

A: BOLI Glazed Porcelain Tiles originate from FOSHAN, China, known for its rich history in ceramic and porcelain tile manufacturing.

Q: How are the Glazed Porcelain Tiles from BOLI packaged?

A: Our Glazed Porcelain Tiles are meticulously packaged with 1 piece per carton (1PCS/CTN) to ensure they reach you in perfect condition.

Q: What are the payment terms for purchasing BOLI Glazed Porcelain Tiles?

A: Payment can be made through Irrevocable L/C at Sight or T/T. These terms are designed to provide convenience and security for both parties involved in the transaction.

Q: How long will it take to deliver BOLI Glazed Porcelain Tiles after payment?

A: Delivery time is prompt if the goods are in stock—generally within 7 days after confirming the payment. For orders that require production, the delivery time is around 25 days after receiving the confirmed deposit.

Q: Can the price for BOLI Glazed Porcelain Tiles be negotiated?

A: Yes, the price for our Glazed Porcelain Tiles is negotiable. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can work on a price that suits both parties.Water Absorption 0.05% Glazed Porcelain Tile For Residential/Commercial Installations 0

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